New York Toy Fair 2019 Recap: Funko, Hasbro, NECA, DC Collectibles, and McFarlane

Every year since 1903, the New York Toy Fair has been the place for some of the biggest announcements and most exciting releases in the world of toys. And 2019 was no different, with Entertainment Earth right in the middle of it. Lots of people stopped by the booth to learn about new product reveals, with a lot of them now available for pre-order on our website. In the following recap, take a look at some of the most thrilling news that came out of this year’s event.

Collectible Reveals and Announcements


What would the NY Toy Fair be without the release of new fun figures from Funko? The popular maker of Pop! figures released a whole bunch of new items for 2019. Here are some of the new additions, all available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth:

It looks like 2019 will be another great year for Funko, so be sure to go to the Entertainment Earth website and pre-order your favorites right now!


Hasbro came to this year’s Toy Fair New York armed with new product that is sure to delight Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, and even Power Rangers fans. Attendees got to enjoy seeing Spider-Man and accessories from the upcoming movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. Spider-Man was also represented with characters from the surprise hit movie Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Fans who can’t wait till the new Captain Marvel movie comes out in March got to revel in the company’s new action figures of the superhero as she will be portrayed by Brie Larson in the movie.

In addition, on display from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line were Iron Man 50 and Iron Spider, Captain America and Peggy Carter, Hulk and Wolverine, Classic Thor, Colossus, and Juggernaut, among others. Not to mention Hasbro’s wave of new X-Men Marvel Legends 6-inch Action Figures.

Hasbro didn’t stop there. They revealed a whole range of products for Star Wars. Hasbro brought classic Kenner-style figures announcing that they would get a re-release. Also on display was not one but two Star Wars Celebration exclusives – Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace card back – and Jabba’s Palace playset and Jabba’s Vintage Skiff and Skiff Guard set. Oh, did we mention the debut of the Star Wars Hyperreal 8-inch Darth Vader Action Figure?

Hasbro brought along a ton of Transformers items including new Studio Series, Masterpieces, and much more. We were even able to see the new Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege figures including Titan Class Omega Supreme.

The best Hasbro reveals had to be Power Rangers. Ever since last year’s Toy Fair when Hasbro announced that it acquired Power Rangers, fans have been dying to see what products they would come up with. Now we know that Hasbro will have a full range of items from Micro Morphers to Playskool items to roleplay to collectibles such as the Lightning Collection.


NECA didn’t waste any time with the company’s reveal of new figures, and, believe me, they cover a wide array. Horror fans lined up to witness new figures of horror icons like Halloween 2018 Michael Myers 1:4 Scale Action Figure, Halloween 2 Ultimate Michael Myers 7-Inch Action Figure, IT Pennywise 1:4 Scale Action Figure, and even the latest in the Guillermo del Toro line of figures, The Shape of Water.

New figures are also coming out from horror movies like They Live, Nightbreed, and Trick ‘R’ Treat. As well as monsters like Godzilla, the Predator, and xenomorphs from Aliens.

As for non-horror films, NECA offers action figures from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Karate Kid, Ace Ventura, and even The Golden Girls.

Mezco Toys

Mezco hit the ground running with their MDS Dolls, Living Dead Dolls, and stylized figures. Fans can anticipate Mezco versions of Freddy Krueger, possessed Regan from The Exorcist, Beetlejuice, Jason Voorhes, Jigsaw, Pennywise, and Chucky, as well as others.

Mezco’s Toyz One:12 Collective line includes exciting versions of a variety of characters, such as Batman from the 1989 movie, Wonder Woman, The Punisher, Jason Voorhees, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and even The Warriors.

Finally, Mezco’s 5 points line featured retro-style action figures from the movie The Warriors and TV shows The Addams Family, Scooby Dew, Birdman, Space Ghost, and The Six Million Dollar Man.

DC Collectibles

DC Collectible was on hand to offer first looks at three brand new action figure and statue lines, plus new Black and WHite, Harley Quinn Red, WHite, and Black, DC Designer Series and more. DC Lucha Explosive will include Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Cheetah, Deathstroke, and Metalio II. And here are some of the action figure lines that will be available this year: Animated Series 6” figures: H.A.R.D.A.C., Gray Ghost, Scarecrow, Deathstroke, Armored Batman, Azrael Batman, Red Hood, Two-Face, and Batcycle and Figure 2-Pack.

McFarlane Toys

As usual, McFarlane Toys had a lot to offer. Action figure lines included:

  • Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Viserion, Night King, Daenerys Targaryen, and Drogon.
  • Labyrinth: Magic Dance Jareth and Masquerade Jareth.
  • Stranger Things: While no new figures were on display, McFarlane announced upcoming action figures of two characters from Season 3: Eleven and Hopper.

Here were some of what was announced by McFarlane from the world of video games:

  • Mortal Kombat 11: Sub-Zero and Scorpion.
  • Call of Duty: Frank Woods and Richtofen.
  • Fortnite: The Ice King, Raven, Jonsey, A.I.M., Wild Card, Ragnarok, Glider-Pack, Quadcrasher, Brite Bomber, Deluxe Glider Mako, and Party Animal Role Play Weapon.

Toy Fair License News

The biggest news from McFarlane Toys, though, may be the company’s announcement that in 2020, it will hold the license for all of DC’s iconic superhero figures. It’s a three-year global agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products that will allow McFarlane to produce 6-to-12-inch action figures from the DC Universe. New action figures of Superman, Batman, Supergirl, Aquaman, The Flash, and Green Lantern, among others, not to mention a wide array of accessories. So many possibilities, or as Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Toys put it: “I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.” McFarlane also added Harry Potter as a license. It’s still almost a year away, but fans can keep up with news through social media, including

Spin Master had previously announced that they have the master toy license for DC Comics, which includes the boy’s action category, remote control, and robotic vehicles, water toys and games and puzzles.

All in all, including representation from other well-known franchises, such as Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Star Wars, Transformers, and Power Rangers, this year’s New York Toy Fair was a big success, and toy collectors have a lot to look forward to in 2019.



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