Nickelodeon Really Bringing Back 90s Shows with The Splat


It looks like Nickelodeon is wasting no time providing miracles and bringing back their popular 90s shows.

Seemingly overnight, Nick launched a site for The Splat which features all the social media channels for this new entertainment entity.

They also released a video on YouTube a few days ago, which is basically just a music video of several of your favorite 90s shows repeated three times followed by The Splat logo. You can watch it below!

There’s no official word on what exactly The Splat is and while several fans were freaking out that it was going to be an entirely new channel dedicated to showing old 90s shows, that seems unlikely. What it probably is, as the tweet below says, is a new programming block on Nickelodeon dedicated to 90s shows. Hey! That’s pretty cool too!


Honestly, the whole marketing campaign is rather brilliant. Nick hasn’t come out and said anything official, but the social media channels popped up and got people immediately buzzing.

The logo even showed up at 90s Fest, a musical festival in New York dedicated to, yup, you guessed it, 90s music:

Calm before the Splat. #TheSplatIsComing #90sfest

A photo posted by The Splat (@thesplatgram) on

If you check out the rest of their Instagram, they have celebrities posing with the signs and famous Nick characters.

Whatever The Splat turns out to be, it certainly is coming and with it some of the best 90s shows we grew up on. Can we also get some game shows included on here? I want to watch Legends of the Hidden Temple again.

Are you ready for The Splat? Which show are you most excited to watch again? Sound off in the comments!

The Splat Is Coming



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