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This is Halloween: The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure Set

Only 216 days until Halloween! And you know all the people of Halloween Town are hard at work preparing all their ghoulish hijinks! The witches, ghosts, and monsters of all sorts have a lot to take on in such a short period of time. When Halloween’s your bag, when a third of the year gone, then a third of the year is wasted, and their spooky little town isn’t going to decorate itself.

They’ve got a little more time over in Christmas Town, but not much. Sandy Claws has the elves hard at work, but the deadlines still loom. At the very least, Mr. Claws can rest easy knowing that his old friend Jack won’t be visiting again anytime soon. Hopefully the next time he does he won’t get any silly ideas in his head, but there’s plenty of time before that becomes a worry with how busy the two are.

Whether you hail from Halloween or Christmas town, there’s something in this collectible The Nightmare Before Christmas set for you! Halloween Town isn’t complete without Lock, Shock, and Barrel, no matter how much havoc the little stinkers may cause. And you’ll, of course, need Jack to complete your set. He comes with the town fountain to complete the ambiance! What’s Halloween without ambiance? If it’s from Christmas Town you hail, worry not! Sandy Claws and one of his trusty elves are included in this little bag of tricks. Each figure is around 7 inches tall with multiple points of articulation. They all come individually packaged, too. So, whether you’ve got a little ghoul or a little elf in your life, this set is just right!



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