This Year Will Mark Stan Lee’s Final Appearance at New York Comic Con

This year, New York Comic Con runs from October 6-9. It’s one of the biggest pop culture conventions on the East Coast, and fans flock to it from all over. However, this year there’s a very special reason why you might want to attend (other than the typical reasons of conventions being a lot of fun).

Legendary Marvel figure Stan Lee will be in attendance, but it will be his last year at NYCC. The convention announced the news recently.

Lee is someone often seen at conventions, delighting comic books fans all across the world. While I’ve never met him myself at a convention, I’ve heard only good things from those who have.

As sad as this is to hear, it’s also completely understandable. Lee is now 93, and he revealed in a recent interview with Radio Times that he’s in perfect health other than his eyesight and hearing starting to go. Even with good health, conventions and traveling are exhausting.

He attended his final European convention in 2014, and said that Fan Expo Canada in September of this year would be his last convention in the land of our northern neighbors.

Lee is located in California, so hopefully that means for us West Coasters we’ll get to see him around for some time.

He’s contributed so much to the things we love most and while I’m sure he will be missed at events, it’s pretty cool fans have had so many years of interaction with him.

Will you be attending NYCC this year? Are you going to try and see Stan Lee? Let us know!

Source: ScreenRant



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