Answer the Call of the Wild with this Gorgeous Okami Amaterasu Life-Size Bust

One of the most eye-catching characters in all of video games is brought to life in the most astounding ways possible! Okami Amaterasu is one of the most visually striking heroes of any video game, ever. The white wolf with crimson markings, Amaterasu, is brave, mysterious, and patient. With a variety of amazing abilities, including the power to make the sun rise, Amaterasu has captured the hearts of a generation of video game fans across the globe. Now you can bring her home in a way that you’ve probably never dared to imagine: Life-Size.

This Okami Amaterasu Life-Size Bust is a work of art that will instantly draw the eye of anyone lucky enough to see it in person. First 4 Figures, one of the leading creators of great collectibles, has gone above and beyond to create a statue that is worthy of the Okami Amaterasu name. Surrounded by flames and crowned with Issun’s glowing orb, this statue will bring tears to your eyes.

Standing at an impressive 26 1/2-inches tall, this life-size bust is ready to be added to any collection. Okami fans will be salivating over the aesthetics of this statue, every bit as beautiful as those from the video game. Packed in deluxe full-color packaging and sitting atop a hand-numbered base with a matching card of authenticity, this is simply one of the most elegant collectibles on the market. Pre-order yours from Entertainment Earth today!



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