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Pop the Claws One Last Time with This One:12 Collective Action Figure

By now most of us have seen Logan in the theaters. It tells the tale of Wolverine, old and unable to heal as quickly as he had in the past. The world we knew is gone, and mutants are no more. The movie is partially based on the graphic novel Old Man Logan. In an alternate future of Earth Wolverine has aged and is just trying to live a secluded and normal life with his family. However, the Hulk Gang destroys his happy life and sets him on a path leading back to action and adventure and being a hero again. It’s an exceptional book and now there’s an exceptional figure based on the novel.

This version of Wolverine is dressed in the outfit he donned in the classic story. Leather duster, backpack and stylish hat bring this iconic tale to life. Logan is incredibly detailed and comes with three sets of hands, one pair with the claws out. And you can’t forget baby Hulk Jr, along for the ride with Old Man Logan. Finally, the figure comes with a base and a stand in which to proudly display this tremendous collectible. You can even display him in many different action poses because he’s got 30 points of articulation.

Get yours now because unlike the young Wolverine, these won’t regenerate in stock.



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