This Statue Shows Us Why Luffy from One Piece is the Luckiest Man in Anime

Bring home the most beautiful woman in the world of One Piece with this new Boa Hancock Limited Edition Statue.

This new statue lives up to the beauty we all know for this Pirate Empress. She’s showcased laying seductively atop a mirror and pink base. There’s not much left to the imagination with Boa wearing a very skimpy bikini to show off her curves with great detail. Her right hand is holding the string of her bikini bottom tempting any who is ready to see more. She’s 4 1/2-inches long, made of plastic and will catch anyone’s eye with her stunning body so be careful showing her off.

Is it getting hot in here? Don’t worry you’ll have time to cool down before this legendary beauty comes home with you. Her release date is set for February 2018, but the good thing is you can pre-order her now. Plus, customers in the U.S. will receive free shipping. Now that’s a steal any pirate would be proud of!

There’s not much I can say that this statue isn’t already accomplishing to sell itself. Any fan of One Piece will want to jump on ordering her for their collection now.

Pre-order this Boa Hancock Limited Edition Statue now to add to your collection before someone else snatches her up!



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