The Final Stand of One Piece’s Law

Would you kick a man when he’s down? How about a pirate? With this new One Piece Law Excellent Model Ver. Vs Limited Edition Statue you get the opportunity to choose. In his battered and torn state, Trafalgar Law is showcased making his final stand and the choice is your whether or not to show mercy.

From the Ver. Vs series, Law is a ruthless pirate always bent on getting his own way. This puts him in some compromising positions. Thus this new statue from Megahouse is bringing to life the spirit of this unrelenting pirate. He’s shown laying against the corner of a broken wall. His head looks raised in agony, his legs are strewn about and he’s clutching his massive sword as a last ditch effort to not go out with a fight.

This snapshot in time is brought to life for all fans of One Piece with such detail that you’d be surprised to not hear him grunting in agony just waiting for whatever his fate holds. The sculpt on his clothing and jacket show off some amazing wrinkles that almost look like real fabric. The paint complements this as well. His jeans look worn and faded on his knees and even under his left shoe there is painted on dirt that is very convincing. Plus, he’s a substantial size measuring 8 1/4-inches tall from the jacket he is laying on to the tip of his sword.

This One Piece Law Excellent Model Ver. Vs Limited Edition Statue is a must have if only to have this merciless pirate shown in such a compromising position. Even though he is set to be released in January 2018 I’d be quick to pre-order him now. If there’s one thing I know about pirates is that they are resourceful and he won’t be laying around for too long.

Is there another character in One Piece you’d like to see in a compromising position like this Law statue? Let us know in the comments.



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