This Sanji Statue is Sure to Give You Heart Eyes!

The chain-smoking chef of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew is perfectly captured in this One Piece Sanji Diable Jambe Premier Figuarts ZERO Statue.

Sanji is posed in his original fighting style, Diable Jambe. With the Diable Jamble (meaning “Devil Leg” in French) style he heats up his leg to deliver fiery blows that burn and even set his opponents on fire.  He almost always fights with his legs to save his hands for his treasured culinary arts.

In this 6 1/4-inch statue he is depicted in his standard double-breasted black suit and tie complete with a cigarette in mouth and side-swept hair. The display reflects the fire Sanji kicks up while executing his perfected moves.

At the $45.99 price, you won’t need to pay the 177,000,000 bounty to take home this Sanji statue!




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