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Saitama may just be an average guy who serves as an average hero but this One Punch Man Saitama Statue is anything but average. This highly detailed statue by First 4 Figures captures our hero mid-deadly punch standing upon some kaiju-destroyed ground. You can and should pre-order this now and it just might arrive July 2017.

I know, I know, I know… You’re sitting there thinking, “Shawnee, I really love One-Punch Man but not for its detailed designs… I like it for the hard-hitting ACTION! What do you have for me?” Oh… I’ve got something for you action lovers out there, the One Punch Man Saitama 1:6 Scale Action Figure. Pre-order this action figure and once you receive it just follow these simple rules.

  1. Take it out of the box. (If you skip this step move on to step 5 but *warning* the rest may be a bit awkward with a box.)
  2. Select one of the two interchangeable heads and equip it. I suggest the serious expression. It will definitely help motivate you for the last three steps!
  3. Select two of six interchangeable hands and equip them.
  4. Equip optional accessories including a Munageya supermarket shopping bag, a package of crab claws, leek (I highly recommend this one for MAXIMUM ACTION,) and a snap-lock coin purse.
  5. Get down on the floor in a plank position and gently place the action figure (or box… but why would you do that?!) on your back and do one hundred push-ups.
  6. Lay on your back and place the figure on the top of your feet and do one hundred sit-ups.
  7. Plant your feet firmly on the ground shoulder-width apart hold the action figure in front of you and do one hundred squats.
  8. Now it’s time to get outside! Take your action figure in hand or strap it to your arm and run 10 kilometers.
  9.  Repeat every day.

Now that I’ve taught you how to decorate your house and how to become a hero with your own action figure, let’s get into some serious products for the serious fan. Or… for fangirls like me.

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in the gleam of Saitama’s large bald head? I know I do. So I have some creative ways you can implement Saitama’s head into your everyday life!

Get a backpack! That’s right! You can make sure Saitama always has your back. Having a bad day? Remove it and give it a big hug! Unlike his actual head, this one is super soft and a snuggly!

Need even more snuggles? Grab this Satama Bald Plush! I mean Saitama Ball Plush. Oh boy… don’t tell him I made fun of his bald head. I am not strong! I cannot defend myself from the One-Punch Man.

Store all the donations you acquire while during your hero duties with this One-Punch Man Saitama Cube Coin Purse.

Keep your keys safe with this Saitama atama key cover! (Pst… atama means head and it rhymes! Neat!) Go full Saitama and order one for each of your keys. Why stop at every key being covered with Saitama’s face? Put all those keys on a One-Punch Man Saitama Face Plush Key Chain!

Alright now that I’ve got your super fan needs covered (and your keys… all of your keys) let’s move onto the last important thing of the series.




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