Our Favorite Cosplayers at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

SDCC Cosplay

There was a lot going on at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 this past weekend but in between signings, panels, and everything else, there was one thing that really caught my eye: cosplay.

Any time I go to a convention, cosplayers always amaze me, without fail. Perhaps it’s because I can’t sew a hole together, or because it’s exhilarating to see fans show their love for something in such passionate, dedicated, and creative ways.

IMG_2952 Whatever the reason, I’m excited to share the great cosplays we saw at SDCC this year. After all, cosplaying at SDCC is basically the holy grail of conventions. It’s one of the most well known pop culture events in the US and it draws the cosplay community in because of the crowd appeal.

Wandering the floor, we saw some truly unique cosplays, especially from Disney and Pixar! Whether it was the Up duo, cosplaying Russell and Carl’s house (complete with balloons!) or Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc., they really put a smile on my face.

Game of Thrones cosplayers were out in full, from fan-favorites like Tyrion to characters since passed like Robert Baratheon and Oberyn Martell.

Caitlin aka Going Postale wore her Sansa Stark cosplay and shared with me why she loves this costume:

“As Sansa, I met a ton of like-minded Game of Thrones cosplayers and I got stopped by general attendees who loved my costume. Even though it’s not my most well-constructed costume, it’s always a delight to wear her out because Game of Thrones fans get excited and I get to look beautiful.”

She also revealed that cosplay is not entirely glitz and glamour:

“As a cosplayer, it’s always 50/50 on if I even want to take costumes down, because I know it’s going to be hot, crowded, and potentially miserable. But I’m so proud of my work that I decided to take one of my favorite characters down and I’m so glad I did.”

Cosplay is a lot of work so it’s awesome that we got to see all that we did. It’s always special when time-traveling cosplayers like Marty McFly and the Doctor find themselves at a replica of the clock tower from Back to the Future or when little DC superhero cosplayers meet grown-up Batman and Robin.

Thank you to everyone who shared with us their creativity and let us take part in the process, even for a moment. You all made for a memorable weekend.

If we missed you at SDCC 2015, comment below and send your photos to [email protected]! Check out the gallery below and let us know who your favorite cosplayers are!

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