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4 Things You Didn’t Know about the Voice of Overwatch’s Mei!

Overwatch has taken the world by storm and so have many of its characters. Blizzard Entertainment took special care when developing the game to make sure each character had a rich backstory. This includes casting voice actors who have many things in common with the fictional counterparts, including nationality.

You may or may not know that Mei (a fan favorite – and a personal favorite) is voiced by Elise Zhang. So, let’s get acquainted with her with these surprising facts you may have never guessed:

1) Both Mei and Elise Are Scientist Girls

Source: Elise Zhang

Mei is a scientist who is on a mission to protect our world by saving the environment and has now joined the Overwatch team to protect it from baddies too! At the Overwatch voice actors panel at Blizzcon 2016, Elise explained how she was once a scientist too! She majored in chemical engineering studies in China while also taking voice acting classes on the side because she wanted to learn to express herself more through her voice and admired the way people sounded on TV. She said she felt connected to Mei through their shared inquisitive and curious nature for science.

2) She’s No n00b

Source: Elise Zhang

This isn’t Elise’s first venture into voice acting for Blizzard. She has done many voices in the localized Chinese versions of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Diablo! In the Heroes of the Storm North American release, she is the voice of Li Li Stormstout, a fierce but adorable little panda warrior. She voices Mei in both the Chinese and North American release of Overwatch in both English and Chinese! In the Chinese localized version of Overwatch, Elise voices another character… Symmetra! (but shhh… she’s admitted that Mei is her favorite.)

3) Her Apologies Are Popular

Source: Elise Zhang

Mei is famous for her line, “Sorry! Sorry! I’m sorry. Sorry.” At the Blizzcon 2016 Overwatch voice actors panel, Andrea Toyias (senior casting and voice director at Blizzard) admitted that the line was never planned! As this was Elise’s first English speaking character, she would mess up her lines occasionally and every time she would mess up she would say, “Sorry! Sorry! I’m sorry. Sorry.” They captured that line when recording and thought it would make an excellent addition to the game!

4) She Might as Well Be Frozen in Cryostasis

Source: Elise Zhang

Mei was assigned to a weather monitoring station in Antarctica to study climate change when disaster struck and a storm nearly destroyed the station. As an attempt to save themselves, her team of scientists entered cryostasis. Mei was the only one to survive and found several years later still in hibernation. When she awoke she hadn’t aged a day! Much like Mei, Elise seems to have not aged a day since her 20’s! She is 59 and looking as healthy and beautiful as ever!

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And let us know if we left anything out of this list of facts about Overwatch’s Mei voice action Elise Zhang!



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