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Cheers, Love! The Tracer Nendoroid is Here!

The Overwatch team is an elite task force that was once charged with ending the war and restoring liberty to all nations. Once their watch ended the team was disbanded but their soaring ideals of freedom and equality were never forgotten. When the terrorist group Talon infiltrated the Overwatch base in hopes to access the agent database, Winston initiated an agent recall. Who was first to answer the call? Agent Lena Oxton who is better known as Tracer!

With her spunky, quirky, and downright awesome attitude, it’s no wonder that Tracer is the face of Overwatch. She embodies everything the Overwatch team stands for as the champions of heroism, sacrifice, nobility, and a bright beautiful future! Good Smile Company has perfectly captured Tracer’s bright and bubbly personality in the Overwatch Tracer Classic Skin Edition Nendoroid Action Figure.

This figure comes complete with a wide variety of optional parts so you can recreate her iconic poses and movement from the game. Including interchangeable bent legs and arms with and without her twin Pulse pistols.

She also comes with three different faces that reflect her smile, fierce fighting look. and her proud stance! If that wasn’t cool enough she has two hair styles so you can reflect her movement in her many poses!

Overwatch Tracer Classic Skin Edition Nendoroid Action Figure

*giggle* The last one to pre-order this Tracer Nendoroid is a rotten egg!



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