Frozen’s Anna and Elsa in Once Upon a Time

Anna is here!

ABC’s Once Upon a Time transforms digital fantasy characters for live-action TV, including the smash hit Frozen! Once Upon a Time has finally cast their Frozen ensemble, and with the unveiling of yet another photo featuring for the first time (in forever) a first glimpse of Anna, fans are abuzz with excitement.

Included in the new photo is Georgina Haig as Frozen‘s Queen Elsa and Elizabeth Lail as Anna. They are joined in the fourth season of Once Upon a Time by Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff and Tyler Jacob Moore as Hans, while John Rhys-Davies will voice the rock troll King, Pabbie.

The new photo reveals Anna clutching what appears to be a white dress, beaming at her older sister whose hands are outstretched lovingly. If this new photo hints at what we think it does, we’re in for quite a season!

The world of Arendelle is said to play a large role in the Once Upon a Time flashbacks. According to the new logline, “We will discover what happened to [Elsa], her sister Anna and Kristoff, and how and why Elsa became a prisoner of Rumplestiltskin.”

The fourth season of Once Upon a Time premieres on September 28th.



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