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Pieta Game Over: The Death of Mario

Pieta Game Over

Pieta Game Over is a beautiful work of art based on the Mario franchise and La Pietà, a Michelangelo marble statue housed in St. Peter’s Basilica. The stunning foam statue combines Florentine art with 8-bit gaming.

Pieta Game OverKordian Lewandowski carved an amazing statue of Mario and Princess Peach from polystyrene foam, mimicking the marble aesthetic of the Michelangelo original. The original statue depicts Jesus cradled in Mary’s lap after the crucifixion. In Lewandowski’s statue, Princess Peach as Mary cradles Mario. This reflects the true meaning of ‘game over.’

The oversized Pieta Game Over is an ode to 8-bit battles and Mario’s constant fight for justice. Pieta Game Over towers over most who walk by it.

Is it material that makes a sculpture, or the craftsmanship behind it? Lewandowski’s dedication shines through with this detailed piece.

what do you think of this epic polysytrene statue? Let us know in the comments!

Pieta Game Over



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