Pin Mates™ – Playtime Is Back!

Announcing Pin Mates™ RED SERIES – the Pin Mates™ collection for toy fans of all ages!

Mom approved. Dad approved. Great-Aunt Sharyn approved.

Pin Play™ is the greatest toy line ever made, yet an entire generation of children has grown up without it. But that is about to change!

In 2016, Entertainment Earth brought Pin Play™ back as Pin Mates™, a clamshell-packaged tribute line of fun wooden collectibles. Awesome, awesome toys.

We’ve created Pin Mates™ for some of the coolest brands in the world – Marvel, DC, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, The Big Lebowski, Twin Peaks, KISS – the list goes on and on.

This line was aimed squarely at the adult collector, which is cool, but there’s a LOT more out there for Pin Mates™.

That’s why in fall 2018, we’re relaunching Pin Mates™ in a much, much bigger way.

For starters, we have an all-new line making Pin Mates™ easy and fun to collect. We will, of course, continue to put out amazing Pin Mates™ for our adult collector audience (that will be the SILVER SERIES – more on that in a sec), but to make sure toy fans of ALL AGES can enjoy Pin Play™ again, our main retail line will be the RED SERIES.

Bright, beautiful blister-cards with dynamic character art and traditional coffin blisters.

The Red Series will kick off everything with collectible #01 – Luckee the Dog™ – available first at SDCC!

Going forward, EVERY Pin Mate™ will follow a very easy-to-follow system:

RED SERIES: A-list superheroes, villains, and the coolest and most fun characters from ninjas to firefighters. You’ll find these online at entertainmentearth.com.

The Red Series begins with Pin Mates™ #01 Luckee the Dog™ and will continue 02, 03, 04, etc. to infinity. All Pin Mates™ in the Red Series will be numbered in numerical order as they’re released, in one number line across all brands and licenses.

Super easy to collect and super easy to know who you need, with full visual checklists at Pinmates.world!

SILVER SERIES: Here’s where the adult collectors get their fix!

Much like the Red Series above, Silver will launch this fall with a #1 but noted as S01, S02, S03, and so forth. Every Pin Mates™ Silver Series figure will be numbered numerically as they’re released, in one number line across all brand licenses. (See where we’re going here?)

Silver Series packaging will look very similar to the Red Series, but distinguished by a Silver Stripe across the top.

In the Silver Series, you’ll find the more “adult collector” characters, both licensed and other. Some a bit edgier, others from fan-choice polls. Of course, adult collectors can also choose to pick up the Red Series, while parents can be mindful of which Pin Mates™ is appropriate for their family.

BTW, I should also mention that ALL Pin Mates™, regardless of series, are age-grade tested at 3+. The more adult figures in the Silver Series may be noted as 14+ for marketing purposes, but EVERY item in the Pin Mates™ line passes all safety regulations for toy lovers 3 years and older at all times. We’re parents, too!

GOLD SERIES: Finally, the Gold Series. This is our numbering system/series for conventions, subscription boxes, and other low-run types of Pin Mates™ not found at retail.


With the exception of Luckee the Dog™ (who kicks off the Red Series), all our other SDCC items (like the HUGE Infinity Gauntlet Set CLICK HERE and Marvel Mutants Set) are noted in the Gold Series.

And yup, you guessed it. They’re numbered G01, G02, G03, etc. to make them very easy to follow and collect.

By now you might be asking, “But what about all my existing Pin Mates™? How do they fit into the numbering?”


The simple answer is that all Pin Mates™ released in the 2016-2018 clamshell line will be our Heritage Line. These Pin Mates™ had different numbering by license.

So, we’re doing a ONE TIME clean slate, not just to get the numbering in line, but because of the biggest change of all:

(Drum roll, please.) Starting with the new carded figures (Red, Silver, and Gold), all Pin Mates™ will now have a 2.0 body design that’s a 1:1 recreation of the vintage Pin Play™ toys. (The Heritage Pin Mates™ in the clamshell line were an homage to the vintage toys and not in the exact dimensions.)

The Heritage Pin Mates™ are still part of the overall product line and are compatible with current and vintage toys, BUT by adjusting the size this one time only we’re ensuring that all future Pin Mates™ are easy to collect with a quick numbering guide and are exactly compatible to vintage toys. They’ll fit in playsets, vehicles, and spinners from our current sets and vintage!

So, that’s the big news!

Red Series Pin Mate™ #01 will be Luckee the Dog™, available first at SDCC, and every Red Series Pin Mate™ thereafter will follow a numerical order from now until forever.

Because we’re committed to this line for the long haul.

Now’s the perfect time to start your Pin Mates™ collection. No apps! No electronics! No assembly! All designed by parents.

The perfect toy to collect, play with, and experience the world the way toys were meant to be.

Oh, one last thing. If you ARE going to SDCC, be sure to attend our important and fascinating panel, “Toys without Apps,” Thursday from 12 pm – 1 pm in room 29AB. FREE blind-box Pin Mate™ ($4.99 value) to everyone at the panel! What other panel is going to give you that?

See you at SDCC!

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