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Playmobil Has the Collector Covered When It Comes to Summer Fun

With its simple designs, affordable fun, and cute character-style, Playmobil has been a family favorite for decades. And this August, new figures and sets that cover a wide array of interests will be available for all collectors!

The Playmobil 4793 Special Plus Knight with Dragon Action is a set that can stand alone or be combined with any other for more elaborate and creative adventures. It includes:

  • 1 knight in black and red armor
  • 1 black and red dragon
  • 1 sword
  • 1 flaming staff

The Playmobil 4896 XXL Princess Action Figure scales up a figure that would usually fit in the palm of a hand into a princess standing a whopping 25 1/2-inches tall! Designed for play both indoors and out, the princess’ arms are fully articulated, the head can be turned, and the royal lady can sit for any magical tea parties.

The Playmobil 5372 Special Plus Surfer is a playful girl who knows how to hang ten on any beach. Dressed in a cute swimsuit, this surfer comes with her board (of course) and a dolphin friend. (Choice waves not included.)

The Playmobil 5663 Take Along Fire Station Playset is perfect. The firehouse setting converts into a practical carrying case for all of the characters and accessories. Transform the front gray panel into a helipad or garage; rearrange the walls to convert into a full Fire Station ready for any emergency. The set includes:

  • 2 firefighters
  • 1 motorcycle
  • Helmets and other fire gear
  • 1 Fire hydrant
  • 1 Fire extinguisher
  • 1 Fan
  • 1 Command desk
  • 1 chair
  • 1 bunk bed
  • 1 security camera
  • + several other accessories!

And it’s just not summer without ice cream! The Playmobil 9114 Ice Cream Truck, where Playmobil figures can order cones or dishes of the frozen dessert from the service window; at the end of the day, the ice cream seller can close the awning and drive off to the next neighborhood! Set includes:

  • 1 adult figure
  • 3 child figures
  • 1 ice cream truck
  • 1 table
  • + ice cream cones, dishes, scoops, beverages, and other accessories

And of course, the more sets and figures you have, the more adventures you can imagine! Order today!



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