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Unleash the Power of the Primes with Grimlock and Starscream

Power of the Primes Grimlock StarscreamThe new age of Cybertronian wars is here, and Grimlock and Starscream are ready for the battle of a lifetime. Much like their Titan counterparts, Prime Masters are endowed with a spark of a Prime, giving them the ability to combine and sync with other Transformers. As the first release in the new series, here’s a look at this awesome Power of the Primes Voyager Wave 1 set.


The Dinobot leader is finally back in his classic T-rex form. Where other Autobots seek compassion, Grimlock values strength. While PotP Grimlock was made to resemble the original g1 toy, this one’s able to combine with his fellow Dinobots to form the mighty combiner Volcanicus.

Unleash Grimlock’s inner Prime with this fun and highly detailed Voyager figure. Able to transform in eight easy steps, this Dino dude is sure to earn a top spot on your shelf.


As the leader of the Seekers, an elite Decepticon flying squad, Starscream has always felt he was meant for greater things. While his half-thought schemes to usurp Megatron and become the leader of the Decepticons never pan out, he’s a staunch and heroic fighter in his own right.

Able to transform from bot to jet in 11 easy steps, Starscream also comes with the ability to combine with his fellow Decepticons. Now possessing the capability to unleash his inner Prime, Autobots everywhere should be afraid. Very afraid.

First unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con this past year, the Power of the Primes line continues on the ultra-popular Titans Return franchise by baking in specific powers and abilities within each figure. With these new Prime Masters, the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons are able to wage war with inert new capabilities. A great throwback to the Powermasters line in the 80s, these figures offer tons of play value.

Don’t miss out on the action. Order your set today!



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