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Take a Trip into the past with These Power Rangers Collectibles

Next week 90s nostalgia will be in full swing with both a new Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers movies playing in theaters. So let’s take a trip to the past with these awesome Power Rangers collectibles:

Power Rangers Movie Action Figures

Ready for action, the Power Rangers are back! Based off the new film Power Rangers, each figure has more than 13 points of articulation and is highly detailed. Collect them all to save the world! Figures measures about 5-inches tall.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Red Ranger Power Sword

Head back to Angel Grove and lead the Power Rangers team with this prop replica sword.  The legendary Red Ranger’s Power Sword has been painstakingly recreated in meticulous detail. Created with die-cast parts, show-accurate textures, and electrifying sound effects give this 1:1 scale accessory the weight and feel that you’ve come to expect from the Legacy series.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers GX-72 Megazord Soul of Chogokin Die-Cast Action Figure

This die-cast action figure comes with a fully articulated combined mode capable of recreating the most dynamic poses from the show. And just like in the show, the five zords combine into the Beast Tank Dino Tanker form before the final transformation into the Megazord, which stands approximately 10-inches tall.

Power Rangers Samurai Metallic Color Set SDCC 2013 Exclusive Action Figure 5-Pack

This astonishing Power Rangers Samurai action figure 5-pack includes all five main Rangers from the series. Each figure is highly detailed as you would expect SH Figuarts figures to be. Featuring high-sheen metallic paint, these 5 1/2-inch tall PVC figures look amazing and will be standouts in your Power Rangers collection.



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