Check Out a Preview of the Upcoming Power Rangers Comic Series from BOOM! Studios

Not only do we have a brand new Power Rangers movie coming our way, but now we have a comic series on the horizon!

From BOOM! Studios and writer Kyle Higgins along with artist Hendry Prasetya, the series will kick off in March 2016 with a “Green Ranger: Year One” story arc.

But before that, don’t miss the prelude, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0, a one-shot prequel set to hit on January 13.

There will be eight variant covers, including this one by popular artist, Kevin Wada:


Plus, Jason, Kimberly, and all the Rangers are getting updated civilian wardrobes! Probably for the best, since we all remember what 90s fashion was like. Seriously, just look at those cut-off shorts and overalls.

Below are their new designs:



I am definitely digging their new outfits. They’re updated in believable ways that still seem true to their characters and show off their color, without coming across as stereotypes.

I think there’s a lot of potential to be found in a Power Rangers comic, especially from a company like BOOM! Studios.

Are you going to be checking it out? What do you think so far? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Comics Alliance



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