New Power Rangers Movie Megazord Revealed


As this crazy year draws to a close, people are looking forward to 2017. We don’t know a lot about what next year will bring, but we do know that, unlike this year, the Power Rangers will be returning to theaters! We’re learning more and more about the new Power Rangers movie every week. The teaser trailer hasn’t revealed a lot, beyond backstory; we didn’t even get a full look at the Power Rangers outfits, or Heisenberg’s take on Zordon. But luckily, the toy line has given us some hints.

Our first glimpses at weapons and the tyrannosaurus zord have come from images of the new toys. And now, the most exciting reveal yet has come to us from a glimpse of the Power Rangers Megazord.

Looking at the image that was posted to the Power Rangers Instagram account, we can see that the new Megazord looks completely different than before. While maintaining the basic aesthetic, the Megazord has left blockiness of the 90’s behind. This gigantic combiner mech is slim and dynamic, completely ready to take on the evils of Rita Repulsa. The toy even features sound effects, folding wings, and flashing lights.

While it may not be the traditional path, to reveal anticipated details through the merchandising, this unique view of the new Megazord has collectors very excited. Keep an eye on Entertainment Earth so we can update you on the Power Rangers movie as details emerge.



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