Check Out the First Power Rangers Movie Poster

The Power Rangers movie is a real thing that’s happening.

It’s in production with a solid cast and everything!

While we’ve seen no actual footage from the film yet, the studio released the official poster for the film today, so check it out.

It shows our heroes silhouetted against the dusk background with the words “together we are more” against stars in the shape of the franchise’s lightning bolt logo.

Aesthetically, I really like it. It’s a piece of marketing that’s pleasing to the eye. Interestingly, it’s very subtle and you wouldn’t know it’s Power Rangers related unless a) you can recognize that lightning bolt anywhere, or b) someone told you.

Perhaps the studio is relying on passionate fans, or maybe the movie will be completely different in tone than we expect. That being said, I like how character and team-centric this poster seems to be.

Power Rangers is directed by Dean Israelite and set to hit theaters on March 24, 2017.

What do you think of the poster? Sound off below!

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