Morph Your Funko Pop! Collection With New Power Rangers Figures Plus an Entertainment Earth Exclusive

In the landscape of pop culture today, nostalgia is always a big factor. When it comes to rebooting old shows or even making collectibles, the past is a nearly endless well of treasure. For example, the 90s are making a big comeback in with cartoons retro video games, and even toys are a huge focus for collectors. Combine 90s nostalgia of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with the uber-addictive collectible line of Funko Pop! vinyl figures and you’ve struck gold! Not only is there a new series of Power Rangers Pop figures, one of them is a massive Entertainment Earth figure!

While we’ve seen Pop!s of the original six Rangers (Red, Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Green), this is the first time we get them without their helmets.

Every team of good guys needs a group of baddies to battle and finally, the Power Rangers have their villains immortalized in Pop! form. The manically obsessed Rita (with her magically staff) and her right-hand henchman Goldar (holding his gold sword) along with Lord Zedd (staff in hand) and his weird-barely armored fleshy brain-like body.

The crown jewel of this new line is this Entertainment Earth Exclusive Megazord Pop! figure. When the Rangers need that extra boost to defeat one of Rita or Zedd’s monsters, they call upon their Zords to assist them but when they’re not enough, the Zords come together to form the Megazord. This incredible Exclusive is not only a 6-inch figure but it’s also metallic deco AND it glows-in-the-dark!

This new series is a must have set for Funko collectors or Power Rangers fans or both. The terrific Pop! design is present and delivers a great collectible. Order yours today and morph your collection into a mightier realm!



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