Deadpool Nesting Dolls Have Hatched!


He’s always been popular to comic book fans, but since his feature film debut, Deadpool has become an icon. Due to this immense popularity, collectibles of the Merc with a Mouth are plentiful. Anyone can buy a Deadpool statue or action figure, but now you can set yourself apart from your Deadpool friends. Available at Entertainment Earth, we present to you the Deadpool Family Wood Nesting Dolls!

These incredibly sarcastic and witty nesting dolls are made of solid wood and measure from 1 1/2-inches to 5 1/2-inches tall. The set features Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, and of course, Dogpool.

Chimichangas and bad guys couldn’t prevent this product from debuting at Entertainment Earth! The Deadpool Family Wood Nesting Dolls are coming soon – so pre-order yours now! Get Deadpool, Dogpool, Headpool, and more in this awesome wood collection.




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