Exclusive First Look at Fries-Enberg Final Design

Breaking Bad Friesenberg Mr. Potatohead

We told you about Baking Bad’s Fries-Enberg a few weeks ago, but we weren’t able to share very much. Our exclusive early reveal continues with a full color image design.

You’re in luck because we’re ready to showcase the final design for the starchy interpretation of Breaking Bad’s protagonist, Walter White. He dons Heisenberg’s signature hat and glasses. Complete with a goatee, this is one bada** looking potato. He even carries a bag… but what’s in the bag? We may never know but we think it might be blue.

More details on Fries-Enberg are certain to follow! Check him out today, only at Entertainment Earth! Fries-Enberg is currently scheduled to arrive in April 2015.

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