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Celebrate 30 Years of the Sci-Fi Classic Predator with This Action Figure Case


I know: we all want to get to the choppa.

But before we get the heck out of Dodge – and this awful jungle – let’s take a moment to appreciate this anniversary set of action figures from NECA.

Hard to believe it’s been this long, but it’s time for the Predator 30th Anniversary 7-Inch Action Figure Case.

This utterly awesome set contains 14 individually packaged figures, including:

  • 2x Jungle Disguise Dutch (accessories: torch, spear, bow and arrows)
  • 2x Jungle Encounter Dutch (accessories: M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol, and knife)
  • 2x Jungle Extraction Dutch (accessories: M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol, machete, and knife)
  • 2x Jungle Patrol Dutch (accessories: M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol, and knife)
  • 2x Jungle Demon (accessories: removable backpack)
  • 2x Jungle Hunter Masked (Prototype) (accessories: removable backpack, bloody skull and spine)
  • 2x Jungle Hunter Unmasked (accessories: removable backpack, skull and spine)

These previously released yet extremely hard-to-find fan favorite figures are back with accessory and articulation upgrades. Each figure comes packaged in collector-friendly brand new 30th anniversary window boxes with foil accents.

Each Dutch figure features the accurate likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger and have over 20 points of articulation, while the Predator figures feature retractable wrist blades, articulated shoulder cannons, and have over 30 points of articulation.

This case is sure to make a killing, so pre-order now to reserve your case.




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