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This Prometheus Trio Will Help Fill out Your Alien Crew


Before the next chapter of the Alien saga – Alien: Covenant – hits theaters, return to the world of the prequel with the Prometheus Series 4 Lost Wave 7-Inch Deluxe Figure Set.

This set features a trio of never-released but long demanded figures: Vickers, Shaw, and Fifield.

The 7-inch scale figures are completely movie accurate, have over 25 points of articulation, and were designed with the original actors (Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, and Sean Harris) in mind.

Vickers comes with a flamethrower and removable helmet. Shaw also has a removable helmet as well as an axe and the android David’s severed head. Fifield comes with a flashlight and removable helmet. Each figure is individually clamshell packaged.

This never-before-released trio will be arriving next spring and definitely won’t linger for long, so pre-order today and we’ll ship the moment they come in!

Prometheus Series 4 Lost Wave 7-Inch Deluxe Figure Set



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