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Bring All the Action and Violence of Pulp Fiction into Your Home

The 1994 hit, Pulp Fiction, by filmmaking auteur Quentin Tarantino, changed the way we see film. From the nonlinear storyline, to the dark moments of violent humor, to the supercharged soundtrack, there was nothing like Pulp Fiction. It’s hard to imagine that 23 years later, there still hasn’t been a movie quite so Earth shattering, but it’s not hard to believe that over two decades later we would still be getting high quality merchandise.

The Pulp Fiction Series 1 Action Figure Set is finally here, and you won’t believe your eyes. This first series of figures has three must-have characters for you to bring home.

Butch Coolidge, the boxer who refuses to sell-out, but still takes the pay, is here. Looking just like Bruce Willis who portrayed him, this Butch action figure looks unnerved and ready to run.

Born-again killer Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson in the film, is the second character in this amazing set. With his hip hairdo and retro suit, Jules is ready to be saved by a mightier power when the bullets come his way.

Crimelord and fearsome boyfriend Marsellus Wallace completes the set. Expertly played in the film by Ving Rhames, this mob boss was icy cold and set the ball in motion for the entire film. That same hard temper, hiding behind a cold demeanor, can be found in the form of this figure.

Each highly detailed figure has 16 points of articulation and character-specific accessories. Each character even comes with a diorama piece that can ultimately be put together to capture scenes from the film. This masterpiece of a movie has come to life in the form of these three, 7-inch high action figures and their surrounding diorama pieces, and together they produce a different kind of masterpiece. Packaged in display-ready select packaging with spine artwork for reference, these figures look good inside or out of the box.

Pre-order your Pulp Fiction action figure set today from Entertainment Earth!



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