Mythical Kitties: Pusheen Mermaids and a Special Stormy Surprise

The internet is obsessed with a great many things, but the cat and the mermaid have reigned supreme over that list for a decent number of years. You can’t go a day without hearing someone say “let’s quit being adults and just be mermaids.” Comedians have whole skits about it, even. The love for cute kitties and beautiful mermaids isn’t something we grow into, though. Most kids have at least a small proclivity towards the two, loving the companionship brought by cats, and the wonder illustrated in mermaids. The two creatures on their own each hold a unique set of traits that attracts countless folks to their adorableness. What could possibly be better than cuddling with a precious kitty or swimming with a mermaid?

Combining the two, of course.

In August of this year, we have something very special swimming our way. Pusheen the Cat will be arriving in our warehouse in several adorable mermaid costumes. The variety currently includes a star mermaid, a spiral shell mermaid, and a clamshell mermaid. Each variant is in the pastels you’d expect to accompany Pusheen the Cat, and all look to be as fluffy as can be.

These plush were based on the mermaid design from the Pusheen “Mythical Kitties” graphic.

So, you can’t get any better than a Pusheen Mermaid plush, right? Well, actually… How about a Stormy Mermaid plush!

Pusheen’s little sister wants to get in on the act and be a mythical mermaid too! Stormy is the same pastel color as Pusheen but even more fluffy.

These plush won’t break the bank, either! The 7-inch long plush is a reasonable price (because you obviously need the set), and is available for pre-order now! You’ve been waiting for a squishable mermaid your whole life, and now there’s no reason to wait any longer.




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