1, 2, 3 – Let’s Jam! With These Cowboy Bebop Art Prints

Space is an awfully lawless place, and intergalactic rogues abound. Everyone’s got their favorite crew: some prefer Captain Reynolds, a certain Solo smuggler, or Outlaws in search of Galactic Leylines.

But for those who prefer a bit of jazz and femme fatales with their space crooks, you can’t top Cowboy Bebop.

The folks of Quantum Mechanix have delivered some simply (inter)stellar art prints that’ll look great on the walls of any star cruiser.

The Line Up Art Print features the loveable Bebop crew – Jet, Spike, Faye, Ed, and Corgi Ein – striking their typically defiant poses at the local lock-up.

The Corgis! Art Print stars the universe’s cutest data dog, Ein, getting his Abbey Road on with a passel of puppies.

And the Red Spike Art Print has our bounty hunter hunk, Spike Spiegel, pulling a classic action pose with his trademark confident smirk firmly in place.

Each print has a 100lb satin finish and measures 18 x 24-inches – and each is reasonably priced for only a handful of woolongs, so you’ll be able to spring for dinner without a worry. Order yours today, and see you around, Space Cowboy…



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