Truth, Justice, and the Q-Pop Vinyl Figure Way

DC Comics Q-Pop Vinyls

Your favorite characters in the DC universe shrink down as adorable vinyl figures thanks to Quantum Mechanix’s DC Comics Q-Pop Vinyl Figures, all in stock now!

Hailing from Metropolis, he’s one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Superman stands a charming 3 1/2-inches tall (not including his base) atop the globe of the Daily Planet. With his hands on his hips and cape billowing behind him, Superman looks every bit of the true, noble hero that he is. His perfectly coiffed black hair and hopeful expression will melt your heart.

He is the night, and one of Superman’s best allies. Batman perches on a gargoyle, ready to do his vigilante duty. His eyes are narrowed and his cape blows in the Gotham wind, giving him an epic appearance, even as a 5-inch tall vinyl figure (not including his base).

Hero or villain, Catwoman lives by the beat of her own drum. In her skintight black catsuit, Selina Kyle looks positively elated here, green eyes wide as she holds a jewel in her hand. Even pint-sized, she’s a master thief! Standing 5-inches tall, she has the help of some feline friends too.

All these figures are designed by Mohammad Haque and come with a tiny white board speech bubble and marker so you can really personalize your figures!

The delightful Q-Pop figures are currently available at Entertainment Earth where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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