Travel the Stars with These Star Trek Poster Sets

Star Trek TOS Posters

Set your phasers to stunning and be prepared to witness the finest art prints this side of the galaxy has to offer. Everyone will know your love for classic sci-fi once you adorn your walls with these Star Trek the Original Series Fine Art poster sets.

To start things off let’s take a look at Poster Set 20. With bright pops of color and intricate detailing, these four prints are the ultimate must-have for any Star Trek fan. Included in this batch is artwork depicting scenes from Episode 3 “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” Episode 15 “Shore Leave,” Episode 38 “Metamorphosis,” and Episode 79 “Turnabout Intruder.”

Next on our list is Poster Set 6. Dark reds and bold whites, along with a pop of yellow, are the colors featured in these intricate prints. It would be illogical to pass up such exquisite art. Featured in this collection are moments captured from Episode 8 “Miri,” Episode 33 “Mirror, Mirror,” Episode 64 “The Tholian Web,” and Episode 77 “The Savage Curtain.”

Visionary artist Juan Ortiz takes inspiration from The Original Series to bring these beautiful retro-style creations to life. Each print measures 24-inches tall x 18-inches wide and is limited to a single run only!

There is a poster for every episode of the original Star Trek television series, including the first pilot, making 80 in all. Make sure to add them all to your collection by placing your order with Entertainment Earth!

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