Queens of the Galaxy: A Look at the Heroines of Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

There existed a group of women powerful enough to protect it from foes of all shapes, sizes, races, and creeds. These women survived heartbreak, betrayal, and failure. They shouldered their grief and did what it took to keep the galaxy safe. Some of the galaxies strongest defenders have been lost, but some still fight on. These are the queens of the Star Wars Galaxy.


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Jyn may have a short story when it comes to the other females on this list, but it’s impossible to look at the facts that we know about the beginning of the rebellion and not know how much of a force she really was. One thing is for certain – she is a rebel, she rebels.


Source: StarWars.com

Rey may have just made her way into all of our lives, but she has already proven herself to be the hero both women and the galaxy deserve. While she is fiercely independent, brave, clever, and resourceful, she is also lonely, scared, and angry. Finding the balance between those emotions is what gives Rey her strength, and the very thing that helped her tap into the Force and shows us a glimpse of her true power when she was defending her friends.


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Padmé’s death was one of deep despair, but only after her life of ruling and defending Naboo. After becoming queen at a young age, she was a kind and fair ruler through her reign. Being a diplomat at heart, Padmé always strove for peace before war. Her penchant for diplomacy didn’t stop her from fighting though. While her love gave in to the Dark Side, the Senator and former queen of Naboo fought to defend her people, her planet, and her galaxy until her dying breath.


Source: StarWars.com

Leia has lost everything in her life. Her parents, her planet, her people, her brother, her son, and her love. While Ben turned to the Dark Side, Luke hid, and Han fled, Leia was busy being a General. The men in her life may have had the luxury of running, but Princess Leia Organa had a rebellion to lead (she is Padmé’s daughter after all). She is a warrior and a leader, but she is also a mother. Despite her grief and all of her loss, Leia welcomes Rey with open arms and guides Poe to be a better leader. She is a queen in every sense of the word, and the galaxy would be lost without her.

The queens of Star Wars have stories that are far from over. While others flee, they fight, and long may they reign.

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