We Have Two Words for Hateful Eight Teaser Trailer: Yee Haw

hateful eight

Saddle up, Quentin Tarantino fans! The famed director of films like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill released a teaser trailer for his upcoming film, The Hateful Eight. Watch it below!

There’s no actual footage from the film but that doesn’t mean this isn’t awesome.

Title cards against the backdrop of a blizzard on the American Frontier explain the plot. After the Civil War, eight strangers get stranded together in a snowstorm and discover they all share a deadly secret.

The trailer then lists the eight characters, funky nicknames and all:

• Major Marquis Warren a.k.a. “The Bounty Hunter” (Samuel L. Jackson)
• John Ruth a.k.a. “The Hangman” (Kurt Russell)
• Daisy Domergue a.k.a. “The Prisoner” (Jennifer Jason Leigh)
• Chris Mannix a.k.a. “The Sheriff” (Walton Goggins)
• Bob a.k.a. “The Mexican” (Demian Bichir)
• Oswaldo Mobray a.k.a. “The Little Man” (Tim Roth)
• Joe Gage a.k.a. “The Cow Puncher” (Michael Madsen)
• General Sandy Smithers a.k.a. “The Confederate” (Bruce Dern)

The trailer includes awesome graphics in red, white, and black, with a unique soundtrack playing throughout, as expected from any Tarantino film.

The Hateful Eight stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demian Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, and Channing Tatum. It hits theaters this fall.

The Hateful Eight Teaser Trailer



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