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You Need This Iron Man Armor! No, You Didn’t See This in the Movies

By now you’ve seen Iron Man. You’ve seen Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, you’ve seen so many varieties of the Iron Man armor that nothing will surprise you right? I mean you’ve seen the Hulkbuster suit and that was pretty awesome. A suit you’re not likely to see in any of the movies, but have in the comics, has been captured in stunning detail with this brand new action figure.

This particular suit comes with plasma cannons on the shoulders, and his gauntlets are equipped with Vibroblades! This armor is so strong; Adamantium would have a hard time breaking through. The figure is easily posable and even comes with a brilliantly designed stand for your 7 1/10 inch tall Iron Man. Did I mention that it lights up?

You can’t go wrong with this version of the Iron Man suit. Regardless if you have the ego of billionaire genius playboy or just some super smart kid in high school with a heart of gold (I’m looking at you Riri Williams!), this figure was made for you! Get it now!

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