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Dead or Alive, You’re Going to be Blown Away by this Remote Control RoboCop Figure

1200x630_robocop_actionfigureThe original RoboCop franchise added a depth and scope to action movies that they direly needed in order to stay relevant to the movie going public. Much more than just shoot-em ups, these films presented cultural criticism in a way that had true hedonic weight and struck a lasting chord with audiences. Just as bombastic as those films, this RoboCop 3 Movie 1:4 Scale HD Masterpiece Remote Control Talking Action Figure will arrest you with shock and awe.

This action figure is not short on detail. With the huge scale, artists were able to capture RoboCop in life-like design never before captured. With multiple head sculpts and eight interchangeable parts, you can get RoboCop into any of the action sequences from the films. A nearly unprecedented level of detail is contained within this figure, as the armor of RoboCop complements every shape of a muscular man’s body from all angles, embellished with aerodynamic, geometric lines and forms to precisely reflect how a man’s body works when it is in motion. To accurately reproduce RoboCop’s iconic vibrant metal armor with full texture as shown in the movie, the figure has been applied with premium grade industrial “Chameleon” metallic color via advance spray-painting techniques. Finished with a crystal metallic coating on the armor, this amazing action figure will reflect a mixture of vivid colors under different light sources. Other parts of the armor, including the neck, forearms, inner body, waist, and lower body, are mainly in softer pure black plastic for better flexibility.

What’s more: This figure has remote control capabilities. With the remote, you can make RoboCop move his head left to right, open and close his gun holster, and even speak three phrases: “You are under arrest;” “You have the right to remain silent;” and, of course, “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!” This amazing figure is unlike any you’ve seen before and is available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth!




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