Dominate the Zombie Hordes with this Resident Evil: Vendetta ArtFX Statue

Resident Evil: Vendetta Chris Redfield ArtFX Statue

Are you ready to take the killing shot? Christ Redfield is, and not only does his life depend on it, but so do the lives of his companions. Take on a mission of vengeance, the familiar survival horror scenario that can only be brought to you by Resident Evil returns in this amazing CG animated film, Resident Evil: Vendetta. Mark the occasion of the thrilling opening sequence with this stunning Resident Evil: Vendetta Christ Redfield ArtFX Statue.

Not all video game to movie adaptations are created equal. While many adaptations miss the mark entirely, Resident Evil has found a way to please their core gaming audience, while bringing new fans into the fold with their latest cinematic achievement. This stunning statue, made by Kotobukiya, does achieve a similar goal, not only pleasing collectors but making collectors out of Resident Evil fans. Heavily armored, wearing his B.O.W. combat gear with the emblem on his arm designating him as the captain of the BSAA’s elite Silver Dagger counterterrorism unit. The details, as anyone can see, are intricate. He stares down the scope of his M4A1 Assault Carbine, ready to send a zombie to its final rest.

Standing 11 1/2-inches tall, this ArtFX statue will never fail to hit its target as a captivating addition to your collection. This statue stands atop a bloodstained ground, evoking the terror that the marksman must master in order to survive. This high-quality showpiece is the perfect way to mark the first of a new series of Resident Evil films that audience will love for years to come. Available for order now on Entertainment Earth!



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