Resistance Is Futile for These Pop! Vinyls

Star Trek

Engage your Trekker side in this Pop! Vinyl frenzy. We’re pleased to announce the exciting new Star Trek: The Next Generation Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko!

Set phasers for cute. The crew behind The Next Generation getting the Pop! makeover as 3 3/4-inch tall figures. Collect the team behind the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Not only does Captain Jean-Luc Picard get the Pop! treatment, but the creepy Borg-assimilated Locutus of Borg also joins the team. Check out his cyborg side! First Officer Will Riker stands beside Captain Picard with his trademark beard.

Data and Geordi La Forge wear their yellow uniforms as Pop! Vinyls. The Lieutenant Commander of the Enterprise comes in her purple jumpsuit, with matching eyeshadow. Worf also dons his yellow uniform, alongside a Klingon wearing the traditional garb of Kronos.

Show your love for Star Trek when you pre-order these phenomenal Star Trek: The Next Generation Pop! Vinyl Figures at Entertainment Earth, scheduled to arrive in March 2015! Make it so!

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» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Captain Jean-Luc Picard Pop! Vinyl Figure

4900_Star Trek TNG - Picard_hires

» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Locutus of Borg Pop! Vinyl Figure

4899_Star Trek TNG - Locutus_hires

» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Will Riker Pop! Vinyl Figure

4904_Star Trek TNG - Riker_hires

» Pre-order Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Data Pop! Vinyl Figure

4903_Star Trek TNG - Data_hires

» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Geordi La Forge Pop! Vinyl Figure

4905_Star Trek TNG - Geordi_hires

» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Deanna Troi Pop! Vinyl Figure

4902_Star Trek TNG - troi_hires

» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Worf Pop! Vinyl Figure

4901_Star Trek TNG - Worf_hires

» Pre-order Star Trek: TNG Klingon Pop! Vinyl Figure

4906_Star Trek TNG - Klingon_hires



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