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Retro Hellboy Action Figures are Hot


Nazi occultists summoned a demon to the earthly plane in hopes of using him as a weapon. This demon became so spiteful of the Nazis for doing this, he turned good. Now this well-intentioned demon is a paranormal investigator fighting the Nazi’s and the forces of darkness, always filing his horns down in protest of his own nature. This is the kind of awesome storyline that can only come across through the storytelling power of comic books. When Mike Mignola first introduced his hero, Hellboy took the stage as the most bombastic hero of our time.

But the new Hellboy Retro Action Figures Wave 1 Set puts Hellboy and his companions in a different time altogether! Made to the retro-specifications of late 70s-early 80s action figure favorites, such as the Star Wars toys you grew up with, this set of retro action figures applies nostalgia to modern characters. This blend of character and form makes collectors giddy with excitement.

You get four individually wrapped Hellboy characters in this set: Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson, Liz Sherman, and Hellboy himself. Each figure is 3 3/4-inches tall and has five points of articulation they come on a card adorned with artwork inspired by the classic Dark Horse Comic series. These creations are nearly as ingenious as the creation of Hellboy himself. They can be pre-ordered now from Entertainment Earth!




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