Reverse Flash Is a Menace in Yellow as This New Art FX+ Statue

Not content to limit themselves merely to comics and movies, Kotobukiya has now expanded their line of DC collectibles into the TV universe!

The Reverse Flash ArtFX+ Statue has sped off the screen, making the leap from the hit CW show The Flash to your collection. Sculpted in highly realistic detail, the mysterious speedster in mustard yellow who killed hero Barry Allen’s mom so many years ago is quite menacing, with an unhinged grin and some downright crazy eyes.

Made of PVC, this Reverse Flash statue is 1:10 scale and stands approximately 6 1/2-inches tall. He’s been momentarily contained in a window box for easy display, but be sure to pre-order today – our methods of containment may not hold long, and he’s due to escape our warehouses this January!




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