Review: Expand Your Knowledge with the DC Comics Year by Year – A Visual Chronicle

There have been comic books published by DC Comics since the 1930s. Knowing that there’s so much source material for your favorite heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and so many others can be a daunting thought for a new person entering this world. So much history and exposition to consume, a person might give up before they begin. Thankfully, we have a catalog titled DC Comics Year by Year – A Visual Chronicle from Penguin Random House and DC Comics to help speed up the knowledge gaining.

This 376-page book contains cover artwork from over 80 years of DC Comics and includes brief synopses of the issues displayed. The artwork is stunning and shows how the minds of the artists have changed over the decades. The information is plentiful and detailed and really gives you the inside track from popular characters like Batgirl to some of the lesser-known characters like Rex the Wonder Dog. There are even pages dedicated to educating the reader on what the Comics Code Authority was all about and an in-depth index to help you find what you’re seeking that much quicker.

There have been several intense and industry defining moments within the DC Comics publication history. This book will help you navigate through moments like The New 52, Rebirth, Pre and Post Crisis on Infinite Earths and many more historical moments. As a special bonus, the book contains two art prints hidden within the back cover.

This compendium of artwork and historical information is a must-have for beginners to the DC Universe and those who’ve been fans for their entire lives. Relive some of the most iconic covers in history all over again and be taken back in time to when you first held the issue in your hands or discover some lost or never known about works of art and stories that stand the test of time. While the book is enormous, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer or wrapped gift for under the tree or however, you celebrate this holiday season. Get your DC Comics Year by Year book today and become a DC Comics expert before the New Year!

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