Take on All Comers with This Rey Quarterstaff Prop

Rey Quarterstaff Prop Replica

When we first meet Rey, she’s a tough-as-nails scavenger on the desert planet Jakku. With her trusty quarterstaff in hand, she’s more than capable when it comes to defending herself and her new droid friend, BB-8.

Now your Rey cosplay can be truly complete with this screen-accurate Force Awakens Rey Quarterstaff Prop Replica. Recreated from 3D scans and measurements of the props used in the film, the staff features a weathered finish – just like Rey’s weapon of choice, scoured by sands and winds for years.

Rey clearly made her staff from salvaged pieces recovered from the desert, and this prop replicates that perfectly with its fabric handle wrappings, removable staff hanger clasps, and an adjustable strap for easy carrying.

The quarterstaff can also be disassembled into several pieces for easier transportation and storage.

Order today and you’ll be able to walk the markets of Jakku without fear this summer!



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