Time To Get Schwifty with This Rick and Morty Portal Gun!

If you’ve ever watched the fan favorite cartoon, Rick and Morty, you’ve probably laughed so hard you cried, but then actually cried. Because even though the show is meant to be a comedy, the realization that we can never travel to other worlds with the use of a trusty portal gun can make anyone sad. Cry no more – now can get your very own Rick and Morty Portal Gun!

Time to cry again because it’s just a replica and cannot actually send you to another world where bears make spiderwebs. Stop crying, baby, because you can still look awesome! The detail of the gun is spot on. Not only does it look great and can complete your Rick and Morty cosplay but turn the lights off and pull the trigger because this bad boy lights up as well! Whether you’re running away from a world of high and mighty Ricks, or you just need to escape the insanity of those Meeseeks, you’re ready with your Rick and Morty replica portal gun. Did I mention it also makes sounds? Now you can be as annoying as Morty!

Don’t be a Jerry and get this gun now. I think I’ve made enough Rick and Morty puns and I know you’re all waiting for THE quote of all quotes, but I won’t do it… Nope.


Wubba lubba dub dub!



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