Rick and Morty Are Getting Their Own Pokémon-Style Mobile Game This Month

I know two things you love: Rick and Morty and Pokémon. So I know you’re really going to love this news.

On January 14, Adult Swim is releasing a free game called Pockey Mortys for all mobile devices.

The parallels to Pokémon are very intentional and really quite charming. I think this game will be a hit with fans, and hopefully a lot of fun. Check out a video preview of it!


You get to explore towns and battle aliens using your own Morty against their Morty! How cool does that sound?!

Everything about it looks great, so I think we all know what we’ll be doing on January 14.

And these aren’t the only video game shenanigans Rick and Morty are getting up to! You can also get the Rick and Morty announcer voice expansion pack for DOTA 2.

So. Who’s going to be downloading Pocket Mortys?

Source: The Mary Sue



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