Getting This Ultimate RoboCop Collectible will be your First Directive

RoboCop BustPaul Verhoeven brought us some of the most transcendental action movies as a director who made popular movies with biting social commentary. Even today, RoboCop stands up as not only a powerful action movie, but as a relevant criticism of the institutionalization of crime fighting as a for-profit venture. Not only that, there are strong religious metaphors, exciting social satire, and hilarious mock advertisements showing a cynical view of human nature.

You can show your love of the classic film and enduring character with this RoboCop 1:2 Scale Bust by Chronicle Collectibles. Beautifully designed, this bust was 3D sculpted by Inigo Gil and Dean Tolliver, using directed references from MGM Studios and screen footage from the original 1987 film. The face of Officer Alex Murphy is painted by Alex Alva and the RoboCop-upgrade suit is painted by Paul Francis. The whole 1:2 scale bust stands atop a tasteful base that was designed by Kerry Gammill. Standing 15-inches tall and weighing 11 pounds, this bust is a significant piece of work.

RoboCop is a movie that has endured way past the attempt at reboot, partially because it still feels fresh and topical today. The violence was over the top, but not in the exploitive way of a B-Movie, but rather in a transcendent way that illustrates the desperation and fear of a society on the brink of collapse. This is juxtaposed with a for-profit police operation that cares more about the bottom line than about the safety of Detroit’s populace. By making this tasteful and accurate bust part of your collection, you not only immortalize a great film, you show your taste in deep messages hidden within popular culture. Dead or Alive, this bust will be the most wanted piece in your collection! Pre-order today at Entertainment Earth!

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