12 Ron English Cereal Killers Mini-Figures You Need on Your Shelves

Cereal Killers Series 3-Inch Mini-Figure Display Case

Growing up, chances are good that you used to adoringly study the cereal box while you ate breakfast. The colorful characters, the silly puzzles, the lure of an enclosed color-changing spoon – or the promise of a similarly desired treasure should you collect enough box tops…

Now Ron English and POPaganda Industries have taken that childhood nostalgia, thrown in some adult humor, and created a new line of collectibles that will especially appeal to those of us who love a good pun.

The Cereal Killers Series Mini-Figure Display Case features 12 characters that may look familiar and wholesome but, in this case, looks are absolutely deceiving. These brightly colored and cutely chunky 3-inch figures have more bite than snap, crackle, and pop.

This series includes:

  • 1x Cap’n Cornstarch
  • 1x Sugar Frosted Fat
  • 1x Yucky Children Charmer
  • 1x Sugar Smack
  • 1x Franken Fat
  • 1x Count Calorie
  • 1x Tricks
  • 1x Froot Looped
  • 1x Obesie O’s
  • 1x Coco Puffed Paunch
  • 1x Sugar Diabetic Bear
  • 1x Qhrist

Each display case contains 12 individually packaged characters, each standing 3-inches tall, in colorful themed boxes. Order now and we’ll ship them as soon as they arrive this January!



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