This Rugrats Entertainment Earth Exclusive Has Gone Radioactive!

Fans of the golden era of Nicktoons can now add to their Pop! Vinyl Collection in the most nostalgic and meta-pop culture way imaginable. This Rugrats Reptar Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! Vinyl Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is here to light up your life more than when you saw Reptar on Ice in 1991.

This 3 3/4-inch tall collectible is instantly recognizable as Tommy Pickels’ favorite character. This giant, green, irradiated tyrannosaurus was a running gag in Rugrats, where he was marketed as a movie character, a breakfast cereal mascot, a candy bar flavor, and so much more. Reptar became the central character through whom the Rugrats lampooned the popular culture of the ’90s, and, ironically, became an icon all his own.

Packed in a window display box, this exclusive figure has a twist all its own: exposed to a few moments of concentrate light, this Pop! figure will glow like the radioactive creature himself! Perfect for any Pop! Vinyl collector or ’90s enthusiasts, you can only get this figure at Entertainment Earth!



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