Could Marvel Be Developing a Captain Britain TV Series?

Marvel is currently enjoying a strong presence on television, from their network shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, to their critically-acclaimed Netflix series, Daredevil (which recently premiered Season 2) and Jessica Jones, with both Marvel’s Most Wanted and Luke Cage on the way.

And that doesn’t even cover their potential sitcom, Damage Control, and the two X-Men shows they’re developing with Fox and FX, Legion and Hellfire.

Well, it looks like another one could be on the way.

Scottish award-winning artist and producer Ciara McAvoy sent out a series of tweets earlier today, hinting at one more upcoming Marvel TV show:


While not a wildly popular or mainstream character, Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain has his share of fans and would be an interesting character to adapt to the small-screen.

A frequent ally of Captain America and other Marvel heroes, Braddock was given powers by the magician Merlyn and his daughter Roma. He then went on to uphold the laws and morals of Great Britain.

Furthermore, he’s the twin brother of mutant Psylocke, aka Betsy Braddock, who will be appearing in this summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s doubtful she’d appear in the series, as she’s owned by Fox, but given Marvel and Fox’s deal to develop shows together, anything’s possible.

Would you like to see a Captain Britain TV series? Let us know below!

Source: Twitter



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