Call Out Lying Friends and Family with the Saga Lying Cat Talking Plush Doll

Lying Cat

Cats can be wonderful companions. They can play with you, entertain you, curl up and purr to make you feel better, and star in amazing videos that pepper the internet and make it relevant. They can even tell you when someone is lying to you or otherwise trying to mislead you. Well, they can if you count cats from Image Comics’ award-winning series Saga.

Lying Cat is the companion of The Will. Large and imposing, looking very much like a Sphynx cat, Lying Cat will say, “Lying” when she detects false utterances. This, of course, works against The Will about as often as it works for him, but it can still be a mighty advantage. Now you can hold the same power with Essential Sequential’s Saga Lying Cat Talking Plush Doll.

Just squeeze the collar and Lying Cat will calmly state, “Lying” at your whim. This makes it handy for any office or reception desk. Lying Cat looks like it just leapt off the page of Saga with its perfect artistry. This 19-inch plush doll has a poseable tail and stern grimace. Pre-order up your Lying Cat Talking Plush doll from Entertainment Earth today!
Saga Lying Cat Talking Plush Doll



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