Top 5 Adorable Sailor Moon Collectibles

Whether you’re into fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight, you’ll love this bevy of collectibles! Sailor Moon is a perineal favorite of collectors the world over. For generations, the adventures of this superhero schoolgirl and her friends have captured the imagination of fans and created a sprawling universe with a little something for everyone. Along with the commercial and cult success, Sailor Moon has achieved, there are innumerable ways to add her to your collection – so many products, in fact, that some real gems often get overlooked. Here are five essential ways to collect Sailor Moon that are too often missed!

Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter SH Figuarts Action Figure

Hold on to your hats for our first item, as Sailor Jupiter finally joins the SH Figuarts line! This high-quality action figure will garner attention from everyone, no matter how you position it. Just like the others in the series, she comes packed with parts to recreate her signature moves, including multiple facial expressions, optional hands, and more. Standing over 7-inches tall, she looks like an anime has come off the page and into our world!

The Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Tamashii Buddies Mini-Statue

This fabulous statue of powerful crime-fighter Sailor Venus is at home in any collection, or on your desk at the office. Standing 5-inches tall, her awesome display frame comes with interchangeable backgrounds that portray the Sailor Venus transformation scene. One of her best features is that you can add the Tamashii Buddies Sailor Moon or other mini-statues to the display and stack them together to form totally new scenes!

Sailor Moon Sailor Chibi Moon Pocket Pop! Key Chain

If you’re a Sailor Scout on the go and don’t want to cover your desk in collectibles, this is a fantastic option for you. The Sailor Moon Sailor Chibi Moon Pocket Key Chain is the ideal size to attach to your keys or bag and carry with you wherever you go. There’s so much detail in this figurine, you’ll try to figure out how they got it down to 1 1/2-inches! And just in case this object is too precious to be thrown in your pocket, it comes packaged in a window display box.

Sailor Moon Crystal Die-Cast Metal Motif Charm Case

This item is a collection all by itself, as you get 10 key charms to keep or share. Inspired by the hit reboot Sailor Moon Crystal, these adorable die-cast mascot charms feature the signature ribbon of each member of the Sailor team! The high-quality and brightly colored charms are 1 ½-inches tall, perfect for attaching to keys, zippers, or anything that needs a splash of glam.

Sailor Moon Super S Diana Pillow

You can have your very own guardian feline! The daughter of Luna and Artemis is here to ensure that you sleep comfortably through the night or have a place to put your head while you binge on Sailor Moon Crystal. You’ll love this pillow as much as Diana will love you!

In the name of the Moon, you can make these all these amazing Sailor Moon collectibles yours today at Entertainment Earth!




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